Thiruvambadi & Paramekkavu

ThiruvambadiThe Thiruvambadi temple is dedicated to lord Sree Krishna. Devi Vishnumaya is also considered an important deity of the temple. It is situated in Thrissur town in Kerala and is considered to be over a 1000 years old.

Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu temples are friendly rivals in the pooram with both sides vying each other to present their best, whether it be illumination or Kudamattam, the competitive display of colourful parasols atop caparisoned elephants.The temple conducts a colourful ceremonious procession called “Madathilvaravu” to the Vadakkumnathan temple, the main venue of Thrissur Pooram. The procession is characterized by caparisoned elephants, drum performers and Panchavadyam.

ParamekkavuParamekkavu Bagavathi Temple is located at Thrissur town, Kerala. The main deity of this temple is Paramekkavu Bhagvathi. It is the strongest opponent of Thiruvambadi temple during the festival of Thrissur Pooram. The fifteen elephants from Paramekkavu temple to Vadakkumnathan temple adds to the charm of the procession. It is famous for making giant umbrellas. The celebration of Thrissur Pooram actually begins at noon, when the procession carrying the idol of devi assembles at the temple. The temple is very popular for its traditional panchavadyam ‘Palachottil Melom’.

Getting there:-

By road : Bangalore-Thrisur or Managalore-Thrisur.

By train : Nearest railway station is Thrisur.

By air : Nearest airport is Cochin international airport.