Global warming – Climate Change

There has been a considerable increase in the average temperature of earth in the past century. This rise in temperature is attributed to the global warming.The Earth could be getting warmer on it’s own but many leading scientists agree that the warming is happening because of the way we live our lives today. If global warming continues on this same path we can expect a higher sea level, changes in rainfall patterns, and a mass extinction of animals, plants, and humans.

Come join hand with the Fight against Global Warming. This is not only related to a particular country or person, it is an international issue. Every individual should aware of this phenomenon and treat this with high priority. Sooner we take action lesser the effects would be. So act before it goes out of control.

As a result of global warming glaciers in Himalayas and snow mountains in other countries like Switzerland started melting. This is mainly due to the rising temperature in the air. Because of this water level in sea started increasing and low lying geographical regions like lslands, coastal regions are facing the danger of submerging.

How this happened?
This is because of blind industrialization and large amount of deforestation. Developed countries are emitting excessive amount of greenhouse gases which is much more than what developing countries produce. But developed countries are not ready to reduce the emission, because of this stand peoples in developing countries and other small countries are suffering.

Recently a conference on climate change had took place in Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark. This was more than the accord, many are disappointed with COP15’s main output. However, the summit did not only introduce the Copenhagen Accord but also a new kind of dynamics in global climate policy.

President Obama plunged into seven hours of hard, direct bargaining eventually cutting a deal with China, India, Brazil and South Africa their agreement was presented on a take-it-or-leave-it basis to the other 180 plus nations. While Copenhagen won’t end the UN process for addressing climate change, it marks a shift to decision making by smaller groups of powerful nations working in more manageable numbers. As undemocratic as that may be, Copenhagen showed that it may also be the only way to get something done.

What consequences can we expect?

1. More droughts and more flooding

When the weather gets warmer, evaporation from both land and sea increases. This can cause drought in areas of the world where the increased evaporation is not compensated for by more precipitation. The extra water vapor in the atmosphere has to fall again as extra precipitation, which can cause flooding other places in the world.

2. Less ice and snow

Glaciers are shrinking rapidly at present. The trend is for the ice to melt faster than estimated in the IPCC’s latest report. In areas that are dependent on melt water from mountain areas, this can cause drought and a lack of drinking water. According to the IPCC, up to a sixth of the world’s population lives in areas that will be affected by this.

3. More extreme weather incidents

The warmer climate will most probably cause more heatwaves, more cases of heavy rainfall and also possibly an increase in the number and/or severity of storms.

4. Rising sea level

The sea level rises for two reasons. Partly because of the melting ice and snow, and partly because of the thermal expansion of the sea. Thermal expansion takes a long time, but even an increase in temperature of two degrees Celsius is expected, in due time, to cause a rise in the water level of almost a metre.

What can we do?

  • — Reduce the excessive emission of the green house gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide
  • — Control the temperature under two degrees Celsius
  • — Preserve Forests.
  • — We cannot let down the world, we cannot let down our children. We are here, and we are responsible for the future of this world. We cannot permit the politics of narrow self-interest to prevent a policy for human survival

Several organisations from all over the world has came forward to fight against this and create awareness among people.