A new ‘Thulu Nadu’

How about forming a new Thulu Nadu, taking some part of North Kerala and South Karnataka. Kasaragod District from Kerala and Mangalore, Udupi, Belthangadi, Dharmastala, Putur, Sullia and surounding areas.

Peoples of these region are ignored by both the government. Since thulu is the main speaking language here, it will be a good idea to form a new state to solve the problems of the people living here and also we can preserve thulu community which is day to day reducing to none.

Some people say Kasaragod should be merged with Karnataka, I would say to those people that this is not a solution since Karnataka have their on problem and already a big state. They cannot even solve the problems of south canara people then how can you expect from them to solve your problems.

Smaller state will be always good for better governance, better lifestyle, creation of job opportunities, better connectivity with people, etc.

This is just my opinion, I am not going to do any agitation for this!!!.